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The Need

A love for Palmetto and the community statistics drove the local government to an actionable plea.

The Call

The Mayor's 2013 call to the faith based community:

To all Palmetto Churches:
As I am sure you are aware, our community faces many challenges to meet the needs, provide encouragement, and equip and mentor families in the greater Palmetto area. I believe that in your role as a faith-based leader, you play a key role in helping people in our immediate and extended community. In my role as mayor, I am inviting you to a meeting on Thursday, October 31, at which I will share a request for your support.
Shirley Grover Bryant

The Response

After a series of meetings, an initiative called PalmettoBUILD emerged and an advisory council was formed in December 2013. Their task was to give guidance in developing a model to facilitate a sustainable response to the Mayor's plea.

The Results

In 2014, the initiative partnered with area ministries, churches, and businesses to establish a number of cross-generational and cultural men's groups. These meetings focused on mentoring, accountability, and healthy spiritual growth.

In 2015, that same group began similar efforts in the area of marriage. Both efforts are ongoing.

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